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The 3rd Meeting of the FAIR (Federation of Afro-Asian Insurers & Reinsurers) General Assembly was held in Istanbul on the 11th-14th September 1972 and it was unanimously decided to set up the FAIR Non-Life Reinsurance Pool with effect from 1st January 1974. The General Assembly also unanimously entrusted the management of the Pool to Milli Re, Istanbul.
All the members of the FAIR willing to offer a share from their treaties, are eligible for the membership of the Pool. However, the full membership is realized by entering reciprocal business exchange with the Pool, that is, ceding business to the Pool and accepting retrocession from the Pool's business by signing the Pool's Statute and Quota Share Retrocession Agreement.
Compagnie Centrale de Réassurance 
Sadharan Bima Corporation
Arab Insurance Group  
Trust International Insurance Company
BELARUS Belarus Reinsurance Company 
PICC Property & Casualty Company 
Ping An P&C Insurance Company
Mısr Insurance Company

Milli Reasürans T.A.Ş.
Milli Reasürans T.A.Ş.
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